Pixel commissions only open because broken tablet!!!

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haha so my tablet is broken so no digital art can be made for a while haha cries

Anonymous sent: *Robot dog voice* AOBA

*deep mans voice* Aoba

Recent OC drawings. Every time I color one I have another doodle I made to color. It never ends.

Some space nerd drawings.

Kagehina day is the only important holiday

help me he’s precious

That time I drew a bunch of photos of my OCs. Hahaha

Today happens to be this british girls bday so here’s a drawing of her favorite “evil doer” haha have fun being old

Guess I'm opening commissions!

I need to make that cash so I can make it through college!

The Prices:

pixels- $5

waist up- +$1 per character

full body simple color- +$2 per character

full body full color- +$2 per character

Info to know:

Payment Information:

Please forgive me if I don’t get back to you right away, as I am in school and tumblr does lose messages sometimes. If I haven’t replied to something you sent to this ask box in a long time please don’t be afraid to send it again or contact me at my main blog here.

Please reblog this even if you aren’t planning on buying anything! That would be great!